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94 hesitating to start



Hello everyone. First time on the boards and I am glad I found it. Loads of great info.

I have a 94 and the wife told me that it is starting slower than it used to. I went out to the garage to see for myself as I don't drive it as much as she does and I did notice it too. Usually, you hit the starter and it fires up almost instantly. Now it turns over several times and when I say several I mean 2 to 3 seconds before it starts. It seems that once it has been started and switched off and back on again, it starts quicker. The main thing is thank God it is starting but it isnt' what it was. I have had the fuel filter replaced already and it hasn't made a difference and the check engine light hasn't appeared. Could it be that it is taking the fuel that long to get to the rails? I don't know much about it. I can't seem to jump the diagnostic terminal to look for codes. Can you jump a 94 or do you have to have a code reader? Any insight would be appreciated.

hard start

You might try a tuen up with new plugs before jumping into the fuel. A similar problem existed on a bud's vette and it turned out to be the tank fuel pump.
Lots a Luck
Need more info

When the car has been sitting over night it starts slow? Or the car has been running for a bit ( went to the market) then shut down, and restarted it starts slow? Or the opposite?

Need a better description, could be fuel pump ( or relay, or oil pressure sensor) or you could have leaky injectors on engine temp sensor.

Slow start

It is after the car has been parked overnight. It starts but it just takes it a little longer like it is waiting for fuel to get there. just a couple of seconds but it used to fire up right away. Thanks for you help.

Slow Start

If the starter spins correctly, and it starts slow cold and then starts fast when warmed up(after it's been run), I would suspect the fuel pressure isn't high enough or fuel isn't getting injected correctly. You might consider having the injectors cleaned or running a bottle of injector cleaner in your fuel.
Try the following

Turn the key on for 4 seconds ( don't crank )
Then try to start...

If it lights right up...you are loosing pressure overnight in the fuel rails.

If I am in fact losing fuel pressure overnight, where would be the most logical place to check first?

Under the hood.....

( Couldn't resist...ha!)
How many miles on the car?
1st) I would run some fuel system cleaner thru it.

The most logical place for SLOW pressure loss are the injectors...

I would buy a fuel pressure gauge ( 30 bucks Mid america), there is a schrader valve on the fuel rail to tap into..

Run the car in the evening with the gauge on
turn the car off.. note the pressure.

Let the car sit for 1 hr. Note that pressure

Come back in the morning . Note that pressure

Turn the key on (don't start) see if it rises back to the first pressure reading..

Then start the car..If it fires right up ( which it should) then you have to chase the whole system down, Fuel pressure reg.,Injectors,fuel filter, pump, etc.

Do you smell fuel under the hood? ( Maybe bad O rings on injectors )

Change the fuel filter 1st... before you run the cleaner.

Do the additive thing a couple of times and re do the tests before you start throwing big cash at it.

The next cheapest things are fuel pressure regulator & Fuel pump...then Injectors.

Thanks for all the helpful info. I'll be checking her out.


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