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'94 or '89? help!!!


Mr Brit

I've got the chance to by a '94 with "Black Rose" paint the down-side is that it has 100,000 miles on it. It is an ex-company car so the servicing would have been done on a regular basis, though it doesn't have a full service history. Alternatively I have the chance to but an'89 dark metallic blue with about half the miles and (I think) full history... however this has had a rebuilt autobox. As far as I am aware both cars are pretty much optioned up. The price differential is one of the main sticking points – the ’94 will cost about 40% more than the ’89 so although the heart says ’94 the head says ’89… and go for a ‘93/’94 in the next year or two (preferably with the “Black Rose” colour scheme).

Any ideas/pointers/suggestions gratefully received.

Mr Brit,
I Love that Black Rose colour. :J

If it was my choice, I'd go for the '94 with "Black Rose" paint . A 100,000 miles is not excessive on today's engines as long as it has been maintained regularly!
The 94 has the LT-1 engine design, uses synthetic oil and multiple advances and design changes over the '89.

Just my opinion :eyerole

Nice to see a Brit on the Forum, as I own a 1968 BSA Thunderbolt motorcycle and belong to the BSA Owners Club and converse with quite a few mates in the UK. :beer
Mr Brit, I don't really have a serious answer for you, but then nobody's going to make the decision as to which to buy except yourself.

My repsponse is that either one is OK with me; they're both C4s! :D Did you see the number of C3 posts today so far? We're getting overwhelmed with C3s like some places are overwhelmed with C5s! :L

We need more C4s here, I hope you buy one or the other. It sounds like both have good service histories, and the mileage factor is no big deal today. Good Luck. ;)
Mr Brit.....tough call on that one. Without seeing either car, & not knowing the prices, it's next to impossible to determine the better buy. Try this site out.... http://www.collectorcartraderonline.com/adsearch.html , it will give you an idea of what price some cars are going for. The corvette got more & more refined with every year, so the '94 would be a better choice based only on that reason........however, with 100K on the ticker, the car has been around. Personally, if the price is right, the '89 almost sounds like a better bargain only because you know the history & it has half the miles. Keep us posted on your decision.....

either or neither

If they both have drawbacks, then maybe the best thing is to buy neither, and look around for something that is better than either one. Like maybe a 92 or 93 with lower miles.

Do you have prefernces on the body styles, (that changed in 91) or the dashboard, (that changed in 90)? Then of course there's the L98 vs. the LT1, (changed in 92). These might be factors to consider too.

My $0.02
Go for the 94 dont worry about the miles. I had a 77 with 280k with 1 rebuild and it ran great when I sold it to a guy who let his 18 year old son drive it into a brick wall the first week he had it. I agree with steel1/2shaft
you should get many happy years out of her before total rebuild, adn blackrose is an awesome color.
Good Luck and let us know what you decide.
thanks for all the advice... I'll be sure to let you know how I get on - hopefully a month or 2.


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