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95 Power Lock System (Not Working)


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Oct 28, 2000
Stockton, CA
Ex 1995 ZR-1 Aqua/Blk #389, 2010 ZR1 JSB/Blk #1549
Hello Everyone

Just received my 95 ZR-1 yesterday. I notice the power door locks were not working at all. So I opened up the fuse panel to take a look. It seem that the power door lock fuse was remove, so I replaced it with another 20A fuse and as soon as I hit the power lock switch it blew the fuse. I tried another fuse again and the same thing happened. I'm not sure where I should look next to resolving this short in this system. If anyone out there that can help me on this, I do appreciate any help on this.

Hi there thats exactly what happened to me mu fuse keeps blowing to! =) but the mechanics I talked to said that GM is famous for shorts (most likey) in the Drivers Door take it in and tell em thats where you think the short is chances are you'll get it fixed cheap and quick:TALK

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