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'97 Prod Numbers: Tool-up or Test?



According to the production numbers, the '97 model run was less than 10,000. Then in '98 it jumped to 30,000! I'm looking to buy a pre-owned C5, and wondered if I should consider a '97, or go for a year or two later. Was '97 a "test" year to shake out the bugs, or did Bowling Green need time to tool-up? Thanx for any replies...
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Just wanted to welcome you to the CACC! I grew up over the hill from you in Tracy. Never did like the traffic on the Altamont Pass!

I don't know anything about C5 production numbers, but someone here will be able to help you. Lots of friendly people here. We'd be interested to hear what you finally decide on...:)

Save the Wave! :w

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