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98n Coupe clunking noise


Karl Snedeger

I have 98 coupe that has started clunking when taking off from a stop. It didn't do it all of the time in the beginning, but now seems to from every stop. It sounds like it is coming from rear end somewhere but I haven't been able to pin it down. Last weekend I jacked the car up on stands . Everything appeared to be tight and in the right place. Anybody else have the same problem? Anybody else have an educated guess what this could be? Thanks


I am not sure but I may have a similar problem. Frequently when accelerating from a stop I feel a bump, very similar to running over something small. It always feels like it comes from the rear end. I mentioned the problem to the dealer during a service visit and was told there was nothing wrong.

I did have the rear brake shoes replaced and the problem seems to lessen - at least for a time. It is back now. Could it be connected to the brakes sticking?

Karl Snedeger


I found my problem this weekend. I finally got my friends 68 Chevelle off my lift and put my 98 Coupe on. I grabbed every suspension part I could see and gave them all a good shaking. Nothing moved. Next I put a wrench on every bolt I could see. It seems that the sway bar bolts were loose. You couldn't move the sway bar by hand but the bolts holding it were very loose. While I had it up there I changed the end links to the 2002 model. They look better anyway. The car now drives like new again and no more embarrassing noise!


May 28, 2002
2001 Conv,T-Red Z51
I noticed a creaking noise in the rear that was most noticable when backing out of drive way over a curb on an angle causing the body to flex or when jacking the car from the rear. I could not find anything obv loose. I decided to check the 4 rear susp X-member mounting nuts. Re-torqued them to specs @ 81lbs.,was able to turn several flats before 81lbs reached. The creaks disappeared. Went ahead and did the frt X-member also. Only 1 of the 8 mounting nuts were at proper specs

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