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A/C Recharge



Well after crying all the way to the bank to remove 500.00 to get a/c fixed I tried a last ditch attempt to make it work and low and behold I lucked out. It would work but not like it should so I ordered a kit off of ebay that had some stuff called "Enviro-Safe", the kit was 36.00 and change. It contained 2 cans of refrigerant, one can of dye check and a tapper and hose.So before I had the a/c folks tear it all down and plop 134 in it I asked if the enviro stuff could be put in on top of the existing R-12. I got the answer back that a lot of their customers had and it worked well.
I am happy to announce that I am invited to all the outdoor parties around as my vette is the only car around that spits ice cubes out of the vents...man does it get cold, 90 degrees outside and I have to turn the a/c down to norm with the fan on medium.
If you need to top off the old R-12 stuff and don't want to pay 100.00 a can or LB. for the freon , go to ebay auto accessories, a/c and heating section and get some of the enviro stuff. This is the email address for the folks with the enviro-safe...chle93@webtv.net
Thanks for the info........my ZR-1 doesn't really get that cold. I wouldn't mind trying that stuff out.......

Maybe with Caveat

I'm glad to here you got ICE CUBE COLD AIR now from your air conditioning unit :D

Here is a bit of information or advise:

If or when you need your air conditioning unit serviced by a shop that still does R12, don't be suprised if they Refuse too. The shops that still do the R12, at least here in Modesto will not even take on new customers, unless they agree to sign that ONLY R12 and ONLY a lic. shop has worked on it. Some even require documentation.

Why you ask?? Well you can still buy R12 from our nieghbors to the south. The only problem is the R12 sometimes is not all R12 and contaminates the vacuum pump and associated equipment. Plus here in California we are STRICKLY regulated when it comes to stuff like this, esp. the poor shops trying to help their customers.

It gets very expensive to contaimate 30 or 40 lbs of pure R12. Plus they are required to document their R12 equipment usage each and every time.

I know this because of my association with the owner of a local shop.

I'll ask them about the enviro-safe product next time I talk with him.

Well Sir , I am aware of all the regulations concerning the various refridgerents in relation to motor vehicles, You see I am a Certified MVAC Tech. Before I installed the Enviro-safe I considered all options, legal and otherwise as well as the deritive lessening of the pocketbook related to repair of a non-functioning A/C system in our Corvettes.
Now for those whom the monetary value associated with the repair does not present a problem, by all means refer to the dealership. What I was attempting to do was offer a valuable yet inexpensive and legal alternative solution for those like myself that now own such a great car and would like to watch the dollars and cents to allow the purchase of the more expensive additions we all endeavor to aquire for our cars.
Thank you.

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