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A/C Switch Lighting


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Aug 17, 2001
Ocala, Florida
1996 Black Convertible
I have the automatic electronic climate control system. My question is do the buttons light up when you turn your lights on? There is a little green light over the button, but in the dark I can't see the buttons and which one is which.

Thanks gang.

Happy Holidays
I had to go an look, but on my 1990 with the automatic electronic climate control system, all the buttons light up when the lights are turned on. :dance

That little green light indicates what function is presently engaged, and when flashing, a fault has been detected and Code stored.

Yes when the lights are on, all the AC controls should be back lit, like the radio & the shift console, lights in the sport seats, door panels, etc, if one or more of these are not working it could be a lighting system issue, not an AC issue. If I remember correctly there are 2 interior lighting circuts for the dash & control sufraces.

OcalaGuy, a little more info:

According to my Parts CD, there appear to be 3 "Keyboard Bulbs" -GM P/N 16051463 on the Automatic A/C (C68) system.

I would be surprised if all 3 bulbs burned out at once, and would check out the interior lighting circuts for the dash & control surfaces first like vigman suggested. :bang
Thank you Gang,

I did not want to get the old toolbox out and start taking things apart but heck..... Darn it's dark at night. I'll get the tools out tomorrow and fiddle with it.

Have a great holiday,



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