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Oct 9, 2019
Minneapolis mn
1977 corvette white
I am somewhat familiar with a/c systems. i want to keep mine r12, I actually have r12 cans of freon. my manifold gauges will work with both r12 and r134 systems. i just need to put the correct adaptor on my compressor (low side) so my manifold hose will hook up to it. the r12 fitting that has threads on it is way to close to the bracket for my gauge to hook up once i screw my fittings on to it. the same problem when I try to hook it up the the accumulator. I want to hook it up to the compressor so......w/o converting it which im not going to do, what has everyone else done that has kept theirs original. to service the a/c with manifold gauges for both r12 and 134a systems.
They sell an adapter or you can also buy a can punch. They puncture the side of the can.
I am not just dumping a can in, I pull it under a vacuum to check for leaks than fill it through my manifold gauges, I need to know what adaptors people are using?. I bought a set of 134 a adaptors so I could fill it correctly but they interfere with the bracket that holds the compressor in place. they will not allow my gauge set to hook up as there is not enough clearance on the back of the compressor between the bracket and compressor.

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