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A headdy question


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
What is the best CAST IRON head casting for a small block Vette ANNNDDDDDD what cc is it.

73-82 that you can find without going on an E bay which hunt!

The model engine would be around 300 hp.


PS and dont just say DOUBLE HUMP.. need science here!
I think that the 882 heads were the best flowing. They were thin wall, 76c.c., and prone to cracking if ported.
You may want to think about a few other things related to this. When you locate a set of heads you are going to want to;
Have a valve job done
new valve seals
screw in studs installed
guide plates installed
surface the heads to make them flat
New valve springs
Even if somebody gives you the heads it may be cheaper to buy a set of aftermarket heads by the time that you've done all of the above.

This subject sure comes up a lot. Really, for the money, by the time you get a good set of used heads, send them to the machine shop and have them worked over, you are within a stones throw of having bought over the counter aftermarket high performance heads.

My buddy named Mike that bought my old 85 got a set of stock heads for a good price that were a good casting number. He got a great deal on a set of larger valves, springs, etc. By the time he dropped it all off and picked it up from the machine shop his total investment exceeded what he could have bought a set of ready to go cast iron Dart brand heads and had a higher performance engine.

Happy hunting.

I'v got a set of built camel hump cast iron heads that are 291/292 casting. These are 64cc chambers and have been built for a performance application. All top quality parts and ready to run. I want a flat $500 for the set, which is $100 less than I paid for them. Let me know if your interested. I actually planned for them to go into another car I am building, but now plan for it to be my son's and dont want to build that much motor in his first vehicle. I got them from a good friend and can attest to the quality.
Hmmmmm Interesting

What would shipping to CA be?

I ran some numbers through UPS, going to San Francisco and it looks to be around $85 to ship them. So, $585 for the total package. I have the full spec's on the build done on the heads with componenets used and all. I can post that tonight when I get home if you want. I remember that they are K-Motion springs and stainless valves, but cant remember the valve size. The springs are dual, so you can either leave them that way for high HP or remove one for lower HP setups.
Then I got smart (he said) and looked at your profile and saw you were from Valencia. Shipping there would be roughly the same it looks like going UPS ground $80-$85.
Show me

Do you have rockers?
I'll post the spec's tonight. No they don't have rockers on them. However, I do have a set of Erson alumimum roller rockers that I would sell fairly cheap as well. I'll post all that info later.
OK, here are the spec's on the heads;

Chevrolet 291 Double Hump straight plug heads, 3/8" screw in studs, flat guide plates, 7 degree locks, 160cc intake runners, 58cc combustion chamber, steel guides with brass liners, 2.02" & 1.60 stainless steel vlaves, crane springs (145# seat pressure) maximum lift .600"
Price $500 for the pair

Erson 1.5 roller rockers for small block Chevy
Price $30

Let me know if you want them and we can arrange it.
Mmmmmm powerful

What year car did they come out of?
and are the accessory holes drilled & tapped on right hand ( pass side ) head..My 73 has AC.


( Drool, dribble,pant )
Have no idea what year they were out of originally. As with all of the hi-pro double humps they have no accessory holes. However, I looked into having them drilled because mine has A/C as well, and it wasnt that much. I cant remember exactly, but I think it was like $25 per hole. Of course that's here, I have no idea what someone would charge you there.

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