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A little help please.



I'm looking at (yes, another) vehicle, but it's at a Vette dealer. He won't give out prior owner information so I could contact them. I gave my number and asked that the prior owner call me.

Anyway, the dealer doesn't have any documentation to substantiate the low miles and since it's so far away, I can't get there easily. I want to run a Carfax report on it and asked another member here (Moose) if he had an account. He didn't , but said that there were some good folks here who did and would run the VIN for me. If anybody can help, e-mail me and I'll provide the VIN.

Your help is appreciated.

no car fax but if it is close to me i would be glad to go check it out and give you my opi. not worth much but might help. robert
lol i'm working at a disadvantage today my cape is in the cleaners.
Seriously!! I asked because it's about 95 miles away from you. Don't know if that's too close or too far. I would be willing to pay for your gas and maybe a dinner.
no problem call me at 800 736 9457 robert
I'll probably call later this afternoon, but what does your schedule look like? I'd like to get down there later this week (Thurs pm or Fri am) if everything checks out. We're about the same age and that means possible other comitments.

Thanks for your help.
i am assuming that you are meaning houston. if so i have to drop off some paper work to my cpa thursday morning in houston. sence i will already be there i can go look at the car and call you and let you know what i find. i you have any questions make note and i will ask them or look at anything you want. infact i will call you when i get there and we can talk while i am standing there with car in hand. i could be your eyes so to speak. let me know. i have to go up to roganville this afternoon will leave here about 1 centrial time. this # is to my business so some one will answer it at all times. leave a name and # and i will call you back if i miss you. robert

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