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a little more help lol



ok got my vette back :) chevy paid for it all plus got paid back for break work i had done :) now i want to eventually want to take it to a stage 5 should i just bite the bullet and do it or slowly stage by stage??
Its a your disgression

Hi there,
Well, honestly, you will have to evaluate your present condition of your car, and what you want your car to perform as.
And also, what are you willing to sacrifice.
With every mod, comes a cost, it could be a higher idle, and lopey idle. It could be loss of ride quality, or increased tire wear.
You should make a list of the things that you are willing to sacrifice to attain a given performance level.
Once you do this, the skys the limit.
Glad to see your c5 is in good condition after all that.
Best to you, c4c5

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