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A new twist on turbo's


Well-known member
May 16, 2004
Upper Marlboro, MD
2001 Blk Coupe
Saw this the other day and was wondering if anyone has heard or had any experience with it. Seems like an interesting idea.


They do remote mounted turbos and have a twin turbo setup for the vette.

Mr. Lucky

Well-known member
Aug 30, 2004
Orange, CA
2004 MY stroker Coupe
There are a few "rough edges" to the system, but boy, does it work! I saw one and spoke to the owner at length recently, at A&A Corvette. They didn't install it, but were doing the tune.

It seems like it shouldn't work, but it most definitely does! The owner had the optional high/low boost switch installed. In high boost, it automatically engages a progressive methanol injection system. The supplied air bridge is not up to the task, and I'm not sure I trust the idea of the 2nd wastegate being an "option" (seems like with the lag of the pressure going from the rear of the car to the front, it should be standard), but other than that, it seems like a :cool setup. Some nice side benefits of the rear-mounted turbos are that it puts the weight behind the rear wheel (where it can do some good), rather than the nose. It also eliminates the need for mufflers - this car was way quieter than my h/c stroker, and it had no mufflers at all.

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