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A scary thought?!?!?!?


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Feb 12, 2002
Annapolis Maryland
1987 Redskin Red Coupe
i cought a nail in my rr tire and got a patch on it well when my mechanic was putting the rim back on we noticed there wasn't much meat grabbing the bolts, only about a 1/4 inch or so. I believe this is due to my 87 coupe studs being setup for 16 inch rims and back spacing. The rims on the car now are 17's from the 90's. Not really sure what year car they came off of or ordered but they look sweet. They have the center solid cover so i went over my uncles to look at his 95 and his rims are 1 piece with no center covers.

Has anyone went from 16 inch stock rims to the 17's and how much back spacing was measured for? Also did you have to change the studs out for longer ones?

Just curious cause i went upto the dealer afterwards and made an appointment for them to look at it...i'm gonna get them to put longer studs on it. They already agreed to it after i pulled the centers off for inspection. The reason this bothers me is cause in my Iroc i had a rr blow by me at 120 mph one late night....felt the vibration time i let out seen my rr tire passing me....was not a good feeling and i was lucky it didn't tear off my rear quarter. I think this was due to rear torque loads cause the car wheel hops pretty hard when she don't hook up and after a season of street/strip racing put a toll on her. Luckily it had rear rotors so nothing more got tore up just changed the studs all the way around with longer ones and never had another problem.

Thanks for all your input
The off set is different starting in 1988. The rims you have sound like 1988 17" option-1990 (if you have a cover over the lug nuts). In 1990 the lug nuts were exposed again, all the way to 96.

You would have to have a spacer between the rim and hub to make those wheels fit right, unless sombody changed the suspension.

You can find those spacers at Vette Brakes and Products, Mid America, etc.

As long as there is as much stud sticking through the lug as the stud is wide, that is the most strength you can have anyway. If the stud sticks out beyond the lug nut, that excess does not help you any.

Getting new studs is never a bad idea. However, I don't want to see you waste your money if there is enough there to do the job now.

looking at the lugs they don't even come close to pulling thru to even close to being flush like i said there is only bout 1/4" bite holding them on and yes there is a spacer. was just curious either way the dealer is eating this one....lol
1/4 inch is no good at all. Yep, those are 88-89 rims. They are my next best favorite to the 1990 rims.

Good luck!

I have an 87 coupe also, I bought it with the 90 style rims (same as on the conv., but no center cover) already installed with NO spacer i've checked for rubbing on the fenderwells, and there is none. I drive the car pretty hard (cornering and such) and have no problem- the only thing I can complain about is the chrome is starting to flake off the rims at the outter edges of the rim all 4 of em! someone musta used sumptin harsh too clean em or somethin havent seen this on others-well hope this helps ya ----ya might try them without the spacers c what happens!!------------scott------:s
69MyWay said:
1/4 inch is no good at all. Yep, those are 88-89 rims. They are my next best favorite to the 1990 rims.

Good luck!

You didn't forget about this one did ya Chris? ;)

_ken :w
So... what wheels fit what years? :) If I wanted to put 17" on my 86 (which I do), could I use pretty much any C4 17" wheel provided I had the proper spacer? What is the correct offset/spacing for 86?

the 84-87 have one style of offset. The 88-96 have the other style of offset. You can almost always put 84-87 wheels on a 88-96, but they will stick out a tad. You have to get the spacer kit to put the 88-96 17" wheels on the 86.
good to go....

they had 1/4 inch spacers on the car for somereason took them off and has enuff bite to make me happy no rubbing was happy bout that

thanks fella's!

oh yeah a pic of her but my scanner is screwing up....

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