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[ACCIDENT] 1958 Corvette Gets Hit by a Speeding Ford Escape

Bradan Donaldson

Staff member
Oct 27, 2020
Ventura County, California
2004 Z06

After a $100,000 restoration, a 1958 Corvette in Spokane, Washington became the victim of a speeding Ford Escape that ran a stop sign​

With the summer driving season upon us, and society getting back to out and about after a year-long pandemic, undoubtedly, accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, today seems to be the day for Corvettes.

Earlier, I reported on a 2021 Corvette that was stolen from a dealership in Novi, Michigan and was involved in a high-speed chase with the Michigan State Police. Shortly after the chase began, the Corvette side-swiped a van and crashed into several parked cars.

Now, we learn of another unfortunate incident earlier today involving a 1958 Corvette in Spokane, Washington that was the victim of a speeding Ford Escape that ran a stop sign.

Full Story:​


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