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Adding a sub&amp to bose system. Anyone have a nice set-up.



I want to add a sub and amp to the existing bose system, does anyone out there have a set up they are really happy with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I do not recommend adding that to your system. The bose system in the Vette was designed specifically for the Vette and adding anything to it will destort the sound quolity. I was told this by several audio people including some friends of mine. They recommend changing out the entire system if you were to do anything.
Dan72 is correct, live with the stock system or do a complete change out. The system is not compatable with any quality aftermarket system, and remember your sound system will only be as good as your weakest component.

Good Luck

Many opinions, many options. Here is my $.02 worth . . .

If you are interested in a better sounding system without having to 'gut' your stock dash and interior, etc:

Check out www.RoniBox.com

This system is connected to the stock AC/Delco in a 2001 ZO6 and it sounds great . . . even from two block away!

No affiliation, Not my car, and Not my company. But I have seen and heard the system.



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