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Advice on Rust Pitting Restoration



I am working on a 1963 and recently started on the master cylinder. There is some minor rust pitting on the outside of the housing and I would like to return the surface to "new" condition. Does anyone have any recommendations on the best methods to deal with this problem?

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Dec 27, 2001
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Just starting to research restoration methods for platting and painting of parts for my wifes 1965. I am not sure if the 1963 is painted semi-gloss black like the 1965. I am going to try
high-build primer after media blasting, sand to desired look and then finish in the semi-gloss black. The problem as I see it is not to over do it. I need to see an original to understand the quality level for the restoration. I hope we get additional posts on this subject.


I'v had good luck with lightly (very lightly) pitted surfaces by sand blasting. If its moderately or heavily pitted this will not help. However, it is a good method of getting the part totally clean.

One point on sandblasting. Make sure that you dont do it to items like power steering gears. They will leak like sives after sandblasting.

If you go out to Eastwood (www.eastwoodcompany.com), they have lots of great products for restoring finishes. I have used their products extensively and have yet to run across one that does not work very well.

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