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Advice/Price for a 1971



I have a friend looking at a 1971 coupe with 93K miles on it. It has a 350 w/ Manual Tranny, A/C,AM/FM,Power windows,steering, and brakes. It has had the rear-end, tranny, and carb rebuilt. Receipts for $15K of the work already done. Paint looks good and I am not sure about the frame, am going to look at it tonight. He is looking for a sunny day driver (not show or NCRS)

I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on anything year or C3 specific to watch out for (high dollar/ high fail items, oddidtes, etc.) Was also wondering if I could get some ideas on a good price for this.

Any help would be appreciated.



not sure about pricing

...but it sounds like a pretty well taken care of vehicle and seems like the major items have been addresses. There is a checklikst here at CACC that you can print out to take with you when you look at a particular year vette, I think it may be in one of the tabs at the top of the page.
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Sounds like this could be a great car. Check for frame rustout on the main cross member, Forward of the rear wheels. You should easily find a gusset welded there on each side, kind of acts like a catchall as you go down the road, made worse by the fact that fuel and brake lines tuck just enough into that corner to help hold whatever might have washed out on it's own. Also check around the windshield frame for rust. If that all looks solid, everything else could be fixed.


Hi Derrick!

Wow, that's really weird, two people I know start posting on CAC within a day of each other!

Make sure you look around the windshield for frame rust too, in addition to the body frame rust. If it's around this area I wouldn't mind going to look at it too, just to compare to mine.

Where was the work done? Any engine work done?

See ya!
Barb :w

(PS) Steve says "hi" and to remind you that you are NOT a Corvette owner, you are a chop shop / parts dealer wannabe. :L


A nice 71 is going for about 15-20k. As Silver suggested, there is a page on this site which will be of tremendous help in what to look for. I would definitely take Barb up on her offer to take a look. Enjoy the hunt. Sounds like it may be a nice car. Chrome bumpers, Now I'm jealous:w


Everyone-Thanks for all the help.

The 71 seems to be in a good price range for the condition it is in. The guy I was looking at it with is figuring up cost vs. condition and how much time he would have to put into working on it......


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