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Aftermarket wheel selection (size)


Jim F. Garrett

I'm looking at a set of wheels for my '65. They're available (among) other sizes in both 17 x 7, and 17x 8. I'm hoping
somebody who's already swapped their wheels will be able
to advise re the size(s) I can use, including offset, which will
fit with adequate (safe) clearance ... i.e., no modification,
planned or accidental, to the fenders. Thanks all...apprec
your insight/information/recommendations/thoughts.
Here's one combination that's reported to work... I doubt you'll get 8 inch rims to work (if backspace is close to 4 inches, or greater, you'll need to choose tires carefully to avoid rubbing):

17X7 Torque Thruster II rims with 4 inch backspace and Nitto 450 tires 225/45/17

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