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air conditioning drain stopped up



My 2000 coupe has a stopped up AC drain. The vents fill with water on hot humid days, and it has poured out into the passenger side floor board computers - shorting them out. It left me totally stranded. I took it to the dealer and showed him the water. All he did was blow back through the drain hose and a month later it is doing it again. It's still under warranty, and so far 2 replacement computers have been put in the car, until I finally found the problem. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you get it resolved ? How can I let GM know about this crappy fix for a serious problem?


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May 29, 2001
New Haven, Ct. USA
Nope, but someday.
HI there,
This drain is not usually the cause for this issue.
I would suggest that you inspect for the other cowl drain, located directly below the passenger side screen.
If you remove the inner fender on the passenger side, you will notice a cowl drain, in which many leaves, twigs, and other debris gets caught in. This will stop up, and cause the overrunning of the cowl, right over the box, and into the passenger side compartment.
There are also 2 other drains on the drivers side.
Sometimes, there is so much in there, that it will allow other debris into the box also.
I would suggest checking this, before cursing a design, that in all cases, works correctly, when free of debris.
besttoall, c4c5:hb


air conditoning drain clogged

THanks c4c5. I will certainly forward this info to the dealer. Ive owned about 20 cars in my life, and this is the first that has ever given me such a problem. I can't help but think the "design" should have been a little better as to prevent contaminants from entering the AC plenum system.


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Jan 19, 2002
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
1999 White Coupe

I had the same problem/defect in my 1999 C5 coupe.

The A/C drain overflowed while I was driving my car out-of-state, on vacation. The leak ruined the computer and immobilized the car, stranding it for five days. The dealer provided a Toyota while my car was being repaired (it ran like a top!) but the end of our vacation was ruined.

My car is always garaged and covered, and I have never parked under a tree or a bush.

This seems to be a very common problem/defect with the C5's (one of many) and common to many different year models.

Good luck - it is frustrating to have problems such as this with such an expensive car.


OK Vette owners: How many of you have had this problem with the AC drains stopping up ? Will anyone from General Motors Corvette Tech Service comment ?

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