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Alarm Troubleshooting


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Mar 20, 2019
Pinehurst NC
C7 2016 Stingray
Hi there,

Does anyone have any experience troubleshooting the alarm system on the C7 Stingray?

Just bought a 2016 2LT and it is still under 36month factory warranty. The first problem was the second key was not programmed and due to problems with the user method of programming I had both keys reset at a dealer.

The next issue so far unresolved is that the alarm goes off randomly about 3 times a day. Setting the motion sensor off does not appear to prevent this and there are no codes. I occasionally get an alert via the MyChevy system, but only one out of 3 creates an email for some reason. The dealership has had the car twice now and working on the basis that its a warranty issue but despite it going off in their workshop, they cannot find anything.

I cannot find any info about the alarm online but I assume there are switches and sensors and that by working through them the root cause of the trigger might be identified.

Anyone else had a similar problem or can point me to info about the system?? I am due to leave he car at the dealership and get a temporary ride under warranty, but as yet I have not seen any proactive actions to troubleshoot the system by replacing parts or suggestions about how I can help myself. Hence turning to this forum

Haven't given up with the dealership and have had no contact with GM as yet

Appreciate ay thoughts

John A
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