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I have recently purchased '91 coupe as a project. I have intermitent "service engine soon"; "service ride control" and "low oil" lights on the drivers information panel. Car seems to run fine, ride fine and I have plenty of oil. I am trying to find the find the ALDL to retrieve the codes but cannot find it. Other GM products I have "built" normally have it mounted under the dash to the right of or under the stearing column. The last vette project I did was a '69. Did not have to worry about an ALDL on that one. :)Any help will be appreciated. Mike
I have not looked there. I have ordered a service manual. Just thought I would get a jump on things before it gets here. By the way, sharp '79.
Can't help you but I just wanted to welcome you to the CAC. You've found the internet Corvette paradise. Browse around the site, lots to see. I'm sure in no time someone will point you in the right direction.

On a 91 it should be under the dash ( Drivers side ).. but it's back a bit more than the 84-89's & it's pointing down. I have seen cars that it has not been re assembled correctly ( like an aftermarket alarm has been installed) and it's buried under the dash. Remove the hush panel and go fishing for it.

I will get my rod, reel and tackel ready because you have described my car. An aftermarket alarm has been installed and by the looks of the job, I am sure that they did not put things back where they belong. I just wanted to know where the ALDL is supposed to be before I fished too much. Thanks for the help.

ALDL or DLC on a 91 should be in front of your right knee under the dash.

If you have the MIL, the service ride control and low oil lights on (but normal oil level) intermittantly, I'd be looking first for bad grounds or other trouble with wires and connections.

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