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I forgot to mention that im doing a full resto. I have the car in 4 pieces. Chassis, engine, front clip & the firewall back.
Awww, Come on Chris get up there and help him.


You've already got one under your belt!!

You might even set him up with the trick headlight and wiper you designed:_rock

I think you and Lou should set that up as a package, I'm sure there is a market for it.

Both the headlight and wiper have way too many of us:hb

Well, hang in there. We are looking into it (the headlights that is).

If you are interested in the wiper door conversion, I will happly walk you through the whole process. I don't have any plans to market that. It can be done for between $200 and $300 and a Saturday in the shop.
Im gonna post a some pictures tonight when I get home. Look for em!!

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