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LT4 Alternator and serpentine belt help

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Jul 5, 2002
1996 Black Coupe - LT4
I have a 1996 LT4 stock.

A few weeks ago my alternator locked up and broke my serpentine belt. I had the alternator rebuilt (twice) locally and i'm still having charging issues. To add to the mix of things, i broke the connector to the alternator, got a new one from Pepboys and had to splice twist rewire it for the connection. I will soon solder it with a real nice connection.

At idle, car charges ~14.7-15.0 volts fine. When i drive or on slight acceleration, 2000-2500 rpms, voltage dips to 12.7-12.6, dash cluster flashes/flickers. If i maintain those rpms, voltage just stays at ~12.7.

Replacement serpentine belt i got from Pepboys is 5060670 / 6PK1700. This is actually about 1 inch longer than what i had on before. The belt went on fairly easily, but appears tight. My past experience with Pepboys, is I have gotten a longer belt than i needed before for another car. Is this the correct belt for my car? Should i get a shorter one?

Could my alternator still be suspect? I changed a few things, but would like some help and maybe try to eliminate something.
My gut feeling on this is 1) use the right belt–Pep Boys is a lousy place to buy Corvette parts. Try gong on-line at RockAuto and you'll find the right belt. 2) Replace the alternator–and, again, look at RockAuto for parts–and, also, check all the wiring associated with the alternator.
I believe there are marks on your tensioner to indicate the proper length belt. The single mark on the moveable arm should be between the two marks on the stationary bracket.

I haven't had problems with Pep Boys. They're just Chevy parts!

I got tired of screwing around and ordered another remanufactured alternator online, installed it and its been working perfectly for the past week! It hasn't dropped below 14.3 V under normal / spirited driving. Had the air and lights on too. Its clear the local "rebuild" was a waste of time and money, twice. Surprisingly, it's a well known alternator/starter shop and i was told they replaced the brushes, backing plate, etc. Did they forget something?

To add to the mystery, while waiting for the new alternator to arrive, i had the original one tested at Autozone and it "Passed" for whatever that is worth.

A month of frustration is over.
I use Advance Auto,Ill stick something in the cart but dont order. In a day or so Ill get a 25% off code.Im near 2 of em,if the part is bad or wrong I can just drive over & get a replacement or $ back.Glad ya get your Vette finally fixed JC.

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