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Am I too Tall for a Vette @ 6'4"??



I have a Delorean, and I fit fine. But the few Vettes I have tried are a bit small for me. Very frustrating. THe VEtte is by far the better car. I like the 1982, but may settle on a newer C4. Do any of you have problems fitting in a Vette as a daily driver? My main car is a Sebring Ltd Convertable. Thanks. BigFoot
I am 6'5" and can only fit in a Vette. I am primarily all legs (38" Inseam), but a 6'3" friend of mine is all upper body and he fits fine too. Yea, its tight. But mainly gettin in an out. I put a smaller diameter steering wheel on my '73 to make getting in and out easier. You could also get a one with tilt steering and that would help. Now mine is automatic, so I do not have to try to find leg room for dealing with a clutch. But I doubt that would be much trouble. The biggest problem with my '73 is that my size 13 feet tend to it the lower A/C housing just above the pedals. However, this has not hapered my driving much at all. I say get one and get used to the small allowances you have to have for being as tall as we are.
BigFoot ~ Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community ~

6'4" Well I believe vette81 is about the same hieght and he drives a 1981. Have you tried one with GLASS T-Tops they have about 2" more head room than one with solid T-Tops ;) I have solid T-Tops, but I'm only about 5'10" and getting shorting each year, but I wear size 12 shoes and have NO PROBLEMS with the clutch, brake or gas pedals :D

Good Luck, and Welcome aboard
Welcome to the forum, BigFoot. :) Dharmband is 6'10" and fits in a
C-5...so that could be a consideration too. You have come to the right place to get vette questions answered. :)

Thanks for the replies. Whatever I get will have a T top or removeable top. I really clanked my head on an 88 I tried. Went home to think about it and is sold! Oh well.

Hey BigFoot,
If you need headroom, get a convertible. :D

Patti is right on the C5's having much more headroom.

I'm around 6'-2" and fit in a C3 and C4 O.K. fit in the C4 a little better (except getting out)

Also, If I wear a helment, the C3 gets tight real fast! In the C4 I can slouch down a little more, or un-hook the two straps under the seat cushion so you sink in a little deeper. It works!

Good Luck!

fastglass95 said:
...un-hook the two straps under the seat cushion so you sink in a little deeper. It works!

:w Tom, please clarify that for me.

_ken :confused
i'm just over 6'3" and credit the power adjustable seat in my '81 with shoehorning me in so well. something to consider for you...
At 6'3" I guess I can weigh in on this one. Headroom is not a problem! But footroom is a little crampt till you get to C5. The C4 feels nearly as bad as an 82, so its apples an oranges.

The C5 has impressed me with its footroom. Go test drive one & its clearly a bigger cockpit. All 82's are automatics so just find a spot for that big left foot :L

Happy hunting!!!

Tom is right as the 94 seats I had recently were disassemled & there are two straps running front to rear that are easy to remove!
I must be doing something wrong. I'm 6'4" 185lb and fit in my '70 with plenty of head room. All the C-4's I sat in, the windshield lined up perfectly with my forehead!!! They were all convertibles too! Am I missing something?

Ken said:

:w Tom, please clarify that for me.

_ken :confused


I'm not sure which years it works for, but from 96 on back thru at least 93 or earlier, if you remove the bottom seat chusion by just pushing the wire hoop thing back from the bottom front of the seat where it attaches to the plastic base, then lifting out the cushion, you will see two fabric straps going front to back that can be un-hooked at one end and then simply replace the seat cushion and some of the support is now gone so your ass sinks down about 1 or 2 inches deeper.

Should be enough so you don't scratch up that fancy painted helment of yours on the targa top.
"Painted helmet." You just wish you had one. :L

Thanks for the feedback, that explains the reason I can't remember seeing them; I don't have them in the '87 seats. ;)

_ken :w
I'm 6'4" and weigh 240#. I "fit" in my 63 and 69 roadsters just fine. I've never had a problem. I'm "torso" tall. Wear 33-34 inseam pants. Also have size 12 feet. I use to have both an 88 and 92..both coupes. Had more problems getting in and out of those due to the low floor and high sill. Once I was in, I fit fine. Now, the 54 is a different story :) Chuck

My 88 convert has about 6 inches of head room (Thanks to the soggy bottom pad of the sport seats)
My 73 has about 4 ( STD T tops )

A C-2 convert you would fit in BUT you need power steering & a small wheel..... that's why I passed on the 65 I was looking at... the 16" wheel hit the top of my legs.

You want tilt & Tele( scopic ) steering (68 and up)
Sport seats are a must ( 84 and up )
and there's a slight move you have to make entering & exiting the car so you don't Whack your head

C-4's have a high lip on the door exit area.

C-5's are MUCH easier to get in & out of... but harder on your wallet.


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