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Help! Am told I need a BCM but do I?


Apr 27, 2017
Spring, Texas
1998 Black Corvette Coup
Well, I am here again with my problem still not solved. Been using the same corvette dealer repair place for a long time but haven't really had that many problems with it since it only has less than 58,000 miles on it and it stays in the garage. Traction light started coming on and beeping and blinking. Several other things started happening around that same time but I got them all fixed (no one mentioned it could be the BCM) causing the problems. Shop said it was maybe corroded wiring, etc. They charged me $435 to tell me that if doing whatever they did to the wiring didn't work, it was most likely the EBCM. They said the car was ready to go with my traction light problem fixed 3 or 4 times.....took it home and then the traction control light started doing it again....took it back over and over (3-4 more times). Each time, it was fixed they said but it wasn't. One time the traction control light came back on before I even left there so they kept it again.

Kept doing it but then they told us it wasn't the EBCM but the BCM. My husband said to go ahead and fix it. Got a call it was ready to be picked up. Before we left, got a call that the car wouldn't start. Yep! Never had THAT problem since we bought the car in 99'. I was pretty upset to say the least so I asked for an explanation and was told they had bought a bad BCM. They said they should have it ready as soon as they got another BCM and then they wanted to keep it an extra week to make sure it was fixed. This charge (which I haven't paid yet since the car is not ready thank God), is going to be $810 plus some odd cents. This is a reputable corvette dealer/shop but not sure their techs know how to fix older corvettes anymore and the good ones they had have all left there, one by one. So now I can't just go today and pick it up and drive it someplace else to be fixed if it won't start. I did read online that if you have a bad BCM, the car might not start so since I never had that problem before, sounds like the (supposedly bad) BCM in my car beat the one they just put in. Did they get a bad one or could they have done something wrong when they put it in?

I wrote on here recently about a shop I had found that I wanted to take it to right then (a few weeks ago) but then I remembered that my husband had already told the guy at the shop where it is at to go ahead and replace the BCM. Any techs on here that might have a clue what the game is and what I should do? Again, thank God I haven't paid them yet but they say, "oh it will be under warranty" which I keep hearing but the car is never fixed in the first place. Could their story be plausible? (A fool and his money are soon parted but it appears I will have to pay to even get the car out, fixed or not). Thank you in advance to anyone who has time to respond to this nightmare situation.
Late to the party here but it's the EBCM, Electronic brake control module that causes traction control issues and not the BCM, Body control module. On a 99 the EBCM is not repairable and new ones are no longer available and can only be purchased used and they run close to 2000.00 bucks. The BCM is located in the passengers footwell and the EBCM is located in front of the engine.
Yikes! Hoping mine doesn't take a dive! Sorry to hear about your issues, I have gone through some in my 30 years of buying Corvettes. Most recently with the 17 Gran Sport. To hear that the EBCM is no longer available new kind of puts a dent in my day as I have a 2000 FRC I am considering putting some coil overs on. Hang in there! They can still put a smile on your face when they are running right. Just ask my wife! The last time she had borrowed my 2007 Z06 for a month I had to buy new tires and brakes all around. She did however have a frown when I asked for the keys back.

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