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Important! An issue I solved on my C5


Oct 4, 2019
Jefferson Parish, LA
stock 98 C5 pewter 145K miles
As I said in my intro post , this is my first Corvette and it's almost 3 years now. I really went through a period at first being in my early 50's at the time thinking I was being irresponsible and wasteful having this car. I tend to go over the speed limit substantially for short periods of time when I have the opportunity and this is not something I normally do in my Sierra or other vehicles I've owned . These thoughts would have me wanting to sell the car . I would put it away for a while and when I'd come back it was like it was new all over again. I'm still glad I have this car and feel like it would be hard to live without one now :L . But I digress. What I was going to talk about was an issue the car had after the weather had warmed up since I got the car at the end of December in 2016 so it wasn't obvious at first . After I started using the AC I would be sitting at a light and my eyes would start to burn. I'd have to open the windows. So I took to looking online and heard all kinds of expensive things it could be. Another thing that I noticed right away was the rear main seal was leaking at a constant enough rate that I was concerned about it . A mechanic I knew told me to get some of the blue devil sealer stuff which I did put in and then waited (yes , I was driving the car). after some time I didn't notice an improvement. It got me to thinking about the PCV system and how it can cause leaks if not operable so I took off the vanity covers and got to looking with a flashlight. Right away on the right side I saw the PCV valve literally just laying on the head. As I traced it down the whole thing was in shambles including that funny Y shaped crossover in the back of the engine. I went down and bought hose and a tee and an elbow (since I couldn't find the Y thing) and I got it all reconnected and took it for a drive with the windows up . The eye burning smell was totally gone. I cleaned up my oil spot on the garage floor and watched it . It had diminished greatly . Last week I was doing some cleaning and sweeping and went down to wipe up the floor and there was not a single drop of oil . I guess that's the end of this story which probably could have been a lot shorter ! :rotfl Anyway I hope this helps someone out if you're having this problem . It was not the converters or anything else although I did end up having new converters put on later that year .

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