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Help! Another AC problem/question


Jun 17, 2008
'96 Polo Green Coupe - LT4
AC problem/question temp not setting no fan speed (Solved)

Solution (problem below):
Found that the Air Conditioning/Heater Temperature Valve Actuator
(temperature blend door actuator) was having a problem after all. It's located inside passenger kick panel lower end just above carpet line toward firewall.

I took the cover off the electronic actuator and found that the main gear inside that turns the door had cracked and was "skipping". I guess this resulted in the controller not getting the correct feedback that the door was actually moving causing the error code '01'. Since the door wasn't moving the HVAC system wasn't able to reinitialize after reconnecting the battery leaving the fan speed set to "0" in auto mode. I changed the position of the cracked gear so that the cracked portion was opposite the drive gear mechanisms and system began to respond correctly. New temp valve actuator/blend door motor is on order. Ecklers has it as well as AC Delco.com part nums:

ac delco gm#: 16124952
ecklers#: 51595
Corvette Air Conditioning/Heater Temperature Valve Actuator, 1990-1996

Hope this helps...



Hi all hoping you can help. I recently worked on the headlight motors (replaced bushings) on my 96 LT4 coupe and disconnected the battery when doing the job. When I went back and reconnected the battery the climate control doesn't seem to be working now. No flashing lights on controller; I previously removed the controller and cleaned all internal contacts so all buttons are working; I removed fuses with hopes of resetting the system but no luck. I also tried disconnecting the battery again for about an hour and it didn't correct the problem.

The system turns on and buttons repond meaning when selecting temperature up or down I see the display change, the fan speed up and down responds as well but in auto mode fan speed remains at "0" and never turns on. I hear the AC compressor cycling on and off and when selecting the different mode buttons the air changes where it comes out of if I have manually set the fan speed but the temperature remains on the cool side even when setting the system to 90 degrees???

Fan speed remains at zero in Auto mode and temperature out of the vents doesn't seem to be changing(stays on cool side)?

All buttons appear to be responding when pressed and no flashing lights on controller.

Removed fuses and disconnected battery again to try and reset. I've not reviewed the system for trouble codes as it was working great before disconnecting the battery and I'm not seeing any flashing lights on the controller or any strange characters on the display. Each time I've removed the fuses or disconnected the battery I've gotten the exact same results and there hasn't been any change in what I'm seeing.

Thanks for any help you can offer...

Auto A/C not auto

The ambient (outside) air temp sensor is on the passenger side of the radiator, down low, and sort of below the headlight. Is it possible that you knocked the connector loose?
If that sensor is disconnected or shot, the auto A/C will behave much as you describe but should blow hard & hot when you crank the temp all the way up.
Hope it's as easy as reconnecting it.
Good luck.
Hey thanks for the reply. The controller is displaying the outside temp. After pulling the fuses or disconnecting the battery and reconnecting I can see the outside temp value changing to actual temp. This one has me confused..

Thx again...
Ok, I'm hoping what I found this evening will shed some light?? While driving around this evening the climate control was set to Auto and I had manually set the fan speed. I noticed the light above the Auto button began to flash after about 20 minutes of driving. When I pulled the code it registered "01" which if I read correctly is "Temp Door Motor Circuit Fault". Can anyone explain where to find this particular part and what I might look for?? I've searched hoping to find pics or something and I'm not having any luck. Also, is this temp door motor an electrical module or is it a vaccuum type setup?

If anyone has a pic that would be great. Thanks again...

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