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antenna (a new problem?)



Heya guys, what's up?

got a bit of a question, that came up last night and I've looked through all the previous posts on the 84-96 antennae, and this is what mine's doing (it seems to be different from the other people's post, maybe its same problem though) I turn on the radio, antenna goes up just fine, and has been, then oddly last night I turned it off and it got stuck, motor and all... I turned it on again then off and it still didn't go down. Anyway I went in to eat dinner and about 2 hrs later when I came back out it was down again... I've played with it now and it goes up fine and when I turn it off nothing happens initially, but it goes down bit by bit over time (usually when I'm not looking in the side mirror lol, sneaky car) but always ends up completely down. Tonight of course when I tested it after reading the posts it went up and then down just fine (with the first time having just one bit of stoppage for a quarter of a second or so) then the next two tries going up and down just fine. I'm wondering if this is just an issue of lubrication, or maybe freezing? (last night the first time it happened, it was like 31, and I'd washed it recently) or is something broken? My first guess is that it's something minor with the lube, but maybe if you guys have another/better idea?


p.s. I never will drive anything else ever again in my life... there simply isn't any other car that gives you everything the corvette does... the only problem now is snobby people who don't FREAKING WAVE!!! arrg... but they can be converted... done my ranting now, enjoy the weekend, all.
Dillon, I would suspect that the cold has something to do with the precocious antenna, especially with ice around it. ;)

The antennae on the earlier C4s was a troublesome unit that was later upgraded I believe, although I'm not sure of the year - '88-'89? Your's could be one of those earlier Corvettes; you didn't mention a year.

_ken :w
I just noticed mine is not going up or down either :hb. There have been some chilly nights over the past few weeks. Any advice on where I should begin to fix this problem? ;help

I don't have the information at hand for the basic maintenance required for the antenna, but if I remember correctly, the only thing you can do to prolong its life is to keep it clean, and wipe it down with mineral spirits to keep the shaft lubricated. ;)

_ken :w
no motor

went out and checked again and its fine now, it's on a 92' standard coupe and actually when it wasn't going down the motor was not running, so, if that helps at all... will definately keep an eye on it though as the temp fluctuates... and thanks for such a quick response :p


You might want to consider a little tune up on the unit soon. For example, get under neath, pull it out, remove the side cover, clean and lubricate it.

Reinstall and make 100% sure you have a good clean ground.

It does sound like it had some slushy frozen ice in it. You see, it has an internal switch that will shut the motor off when it hits a certain degree of resistance. That is how it knows it has gone full up and full down.

When the radio is off, and the car is off. The antenna has "down" power signal going to it all the time. Since the motor breaks contact at extreme bottom, it can do that without a problem. Sounds like as yours is starting down it is hitting resistance from either snow, crud, dried up lubrication, or something. Since power is there all the time, and it is not getting an up signal from the stereo it is going to keep trying to come down if at all possible.

It concerns me that it would be getting something up into the mechanism, so clearly it has contamination in there and won't be long until it stops working for good.
Ken is right. Cleaning helps.

Mine "skiped" for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I cleaned and lubed the shaft and have not had any problems since. And it has not been above freezing all week here.


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