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Oct 7, 2001
St. Louis, MO USA
This is making me crazy. My anttenna quit working but the motor stll works. So i get the rebuild kit sounds simple enough except the new mast will not go all the way into the antenna I can force it thru the pull it out with pliers but it is too tight a fit to glide the way it needs to seems to be just aa hair to wide at the fitting where the mast and nylon cord come together. So I guess I will buy a new unit fron Riks or Mid America. I have one concern I disconnected the anttnna cable and the power to it fome behind the rear speaker and pushed the grommunt out. What is the trick to getting a new connector thur that grommunt? I guess I can cut the old connector and pull the wires out but between the antenna cable and that connector I have no clue how to pass then thur the little peice of rubbber. Has someone done this before?

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