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Anyone have a Val 1 with a remote hidden display?



I'm trying to figure out a good spot to put the remote unit. I want to keep it close to eye level, but still out of site. I also want to keep it out of the way of my gauges. I'm to the point that I will end up fabricating a small bracket to mount it to the dash, but keep from drilling holes. I will use existing mounting holes.

Has anyone found a good spot with easy mounting? If you have a picture, that would be even better. Thanks in advance.

V 1 remote

Occasionally I use the V 1 remote...when I have, I attach it to the power cord plugged into console cig lighter...alas, not at eye-level. While my 71's in the air for motor & suspension overhaul...I've been thinking of hardwiring a power circuit-tap through the center t-top/roof. You've got me thinking now...I'll also need a return circuit for the remote...but where's a good place to hang that...dunno? Maybe out of/in front of the high-center air vents...they don't work worth a crap anyway (lol). But at that height, it could be seen upon approach I think. But don't you just love the V 1? Not much help here, sorry.
I do love the V1, saved my butt already and I just got it :) .

I thought about mounting it to the top of the steering column. Not sure yet. I need to look at the dash lay out some more. I was hoping someone here had a good place.
V1's great, I have the remote mounted in the dash underneath the oil, and temp gauges.
You don't happen to have picture of the mounted remote, would you? I would like to see how you did it.

It's kind of invasive, but you could mount the remote in one of the vents in the dash. I've seen this done with a shift light on a GS. It worked pretty good. The only drawback is that you cant use the vent for the A/C anymore.

supernatural400 said:
V1's great, I have the remote mounted in the dash underneath the oil, and temp gauges.

It just sits on the ledge with double sided tape, wire runs underneath the stearing column to the. I'll see if I can get a picture tomorrow
OK guys, I found two prime locations on my '93 Vette. I'm going to try to get to it this weekend and get some pictures up when I get it completed. One option is easier then the other. Sometimes I like to take the harder route :D We'll see.

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