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Anyone own a scanner?


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
Does anyone in here own a diagnostic scanner? I'd really like to purchase one, but don't know that much about them. I did work with a guy at school who used a scanner, but I didn't actually use it myself.

I do know that it was a Snap On scanner. It was compatible with domestic cars.

Any ideas on prices? I went to Snap On's website and they didn't list any prices. Is it that you buy the scanner and then seperately buy the plugs? Doesn't the scanner just give you a number and you need a book to look up what's going wrong?

I'm asking not because the 'Vette's service engine soon light came on. It actually came on in my Toyota, but I'm looking for information because I'm positive that it could save me money if I could use it on both. Toyota charges $79!!! just to plug it in, no work done!

If anyone could give me information, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have a hyper tec

It's ok

I think it was 350 for the unit and 100 for my 88 cart. This cart will handle up to a 1994 GM

Other carts for other apps

ODB II cart is more $$$$$ 250 ish

Do they have different carts for tranny's, electrical, etc...?

Is it easy to use? Do they just give you a general diagnostic or is it pretty specific?

As far as MY app is concerned

The GM 88 cart gives you all the info that the ECM understands... that's it there are no tranny specific functions.. but I never have hooked up to 460 style tranny.
It will tell you if TCC is engaged or OD etc but that's as far as it goes.

As far as electrical
It will tell you voltages of senders and that kinda stuff.

Basic stuff..pretty close the the SES light but it does display everything in real time ( well almost)
and it can record

It's not as cool as the snap on but it ALOT cheaper
and I'm happy with it.

What it WONT do
It wont talk to a CCM like the VATS problem on the 92 I was working on
( had to pole the dash directly). Its a good tool for ENGINE stuff mainly.


I have an Autosmart proscan. I just upgraded it to handle obd2. It came with the vette, which is obd1. I kept the obd1 cable and the new one comes with the obd2 cable. I didn't have any codes with the vette but my 97 chevy 1500 van throws plenty of codes (as it is a real piece os fhit) and it is obd2. I'm paying $179 to upgrade the unit and I think they sell the whole unit for around $400ish. This particular unit doesn't just give you a number but spells out in english what the problem is. There IS a book though so you can really figure it out. I know you can buy additional cables that fit mopar & ford but I'm not sure about foreign. I will find out for you.

BullWinkle, another mfgr is AutoXray. I use the AutoXray 240. It's OBD-I compatable and has delivered all the info I've needed so far. It's very easy to use. Just plug it in, key in a digit from your vin #, and press scann. Then step thru the 34 sensor read outs. It even reads sensors in real time (handy in chasing problems). You can find them around for less than $100(refurb) and the cables for different cars are about $20 each. I'm using it for the C4 and the Jeep. Couldn't do without it now.
The GM folks use the Tech I but it's quite a bit more expensive. I don't know how xpandable it is beyound GM products.
Lots of luck
Um yeah, that's it

I'm sorry. Mine IS an autoxray. I just upgraded it. I HAD the 240 but it only will do obd1. I have the option to keep it for around $50 so if you want it let me know.
I bought a Snap-on Mt-2500 on E-bay. Still figuring it out, but it appears to be awesome. It's upgradable, will cover other makes and years. The trick is to buy upgrades and such thru e-bay not Snap-on. Very big price difference. They run about $500. for up to '94.
Maybe I should take a trip down to the local PepBoys and check out if they have anything.

Thanks to everyone for their information; I really appreciate it.

I just have this paranoia that the Japanese cars are set to have that check engine light come on every once in a while just to get you into their dealerships. I've had a guy tell me once that he couldn't work on it because only Toyota had the tools!

But the light has come on the 'Vette maybe 2 times and they were relatively inexpensive problems to fix. One time, it was the O2, which was only $30 and I forgot what the other problem was.

OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics right? Is there only OBD I and OBD II right now? When did they start using those in the 'Vette's?

Can't you pull up codes by yourself without a scanner in the C5?

i use a TECH1 it also does abs , traction control ,air bag system and clear codes also does ecm output tests don't know if the other systems do those tasks .other cartridges are available but not sure for what. this is for obd1 pre 96 , a tech 2 is needed for obd2 cars they do every thing under the sun but fix the car
The TECH2 is not needed to service many GM OBD2 vehicles including C4s. There is an OBD2 "kit" available for the TECH1A that supports Corvettes into the C5 series.

As far as general scan tester comments: if you want the most conprehensive diagnostic equipment for a C4, the Vetronix TECH1A (or it's high-end sibling the Mastertech) is your only choice. Since it was the GM required tool for dealers from 85-96, it has capibility and software than none of the other testers on the market have.

On the other hand, if you can't stomach the two grand or so a full-on TECH1A system that will diagnose all systems on a C4 will cost, there are less-espensive alternatives (finding one used) or really cheap solutions like the aforementioned AutoXray or Diacom.

Frankly, I used the TECH1A for years and now have a Mastertech, but also own Diacom and have tried other, consumer-priced DIY testers. The cheap stuff has gone in the trash or been sold off. I keep Diacom for a back-up, but my Mastertech gets lots of use. Suports every computer on the car that sends serial data, it's got great software, good mfg. support and it's built to service trade standards so it's tough piece of equipment.
There's an interesting OBD-II scanner for PalmOS devices at pocketlogger.com but I'm not sure from reading the page whether it will work on GM cars. At $175 for the cable and software, it's not cheap. It *is* very portable, though, and will log statistics for performance analysis.

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