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Anyone used RIGHT STUFF Gasket??


Jan 6, 2002
(Zoom Zoom)02 Z06 Red/mod (Red)80 Auto Red/Black
I will be putting the rear end back together on my 80 soon and was wondering what you all use. I have to order a gasket but the auto store sore by this product called right stuff which is used instead of a gasket.. I am from the old school and have worries in using it. I am looking for feed back on what everyone else has used for there diff. All I know is I dont want to go back in for a leaking case in a month.



RED: 80 red/black auto (sick right now)
SPEEDY: 96 LT4 black/black
Has anyone heard of this product? Hoped for some feedback from you guys.

I guess I'm "old school" I forgo that kind of product and install real gaskets.
Get a real gasket!

Old school here too!

I have never had great luck with that sort of thing. Get a real gasket put it together the way it was designed.

I know I've used plenty of "Wrong Stuff":Silly

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Your gasketG.M. part #14009972 also get a can of Permatex spray-a-gasket #80065/99ma. spray both sides of gasket let it set for a bit then spray lightly again,let it set for a minute,dont forget to clean threads. Hope this helps.:cool

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