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are chrome alternators any good ??



Whats the take on chrome alternators ?? I am hearing from a few places most of these things are junk. They have a short life and are not very relaible. My mechanic say most of of the ones he has out in only hold up a month or so before they need to be rebuilt.

Im looking for a good 100 amp or higher. Any one have and sucess or bad luck with a particular brand ??

Any feed back would be apreachiated, as this needs to be done in the next day or two.


If you're not sure about the generic chrome ones out there, you could just buy a conversion kit. This replaces the front/back plates, fan, pulley, nut, bearings, through bolts and lockwashers. I'm sure it would be easy for a reputable shop to do or you could do it yourself. Summit list the kit at $60 for SUM-810050 (internal regulator) or SUM-810060 (external).



I have a chrome alt. and haven't had any problems but my 75 isn't a daily driver either. I don't know if it would stand up to everyday driving, but don't see why not. The only difference is the chrome plated casing. Unless that holds in a bunch of heat I don't see why it wouldn't be any less dependable then any other rebuild.

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