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Jul 7, 2005
Elkins Park, PA
1966 milano maroon 427/390
…we’re coming across all kinds of interesting things. The latest is a filled-in hole pattern for the Corvette emblem on the rear deck, about two inches below the existing holes. The existing holes allow for the left side of the ‘Sting Ray’ bar to be installed 15 9/16” east of the centerline ridge, 5 5/8” north of the beltline at the left corner and 5 3/8” north of the belt on the right (the beltline curves). Based on the archives from another unnamed forum, I believe the existing holes are correct, but others noted similar filled-in holes on their cars. In addition, the existing hole pattern does not match the filled in hole pattern. To the best of my knowledge, the rear deck is original. There doesn’t appear to be any evidence of repairs. My ’66 was built in December, ’65. Does anyone have any clues as to why there were two sets of holes? Were the ’65 emblems mounted lower than the ‘66s and could the General have been using pre-drilled decks from the ‘65s into early ’66? The ’66 emblems are different from the ‘65s which could account for the different hole pattern. Nothing critical. Just curious…

Otherwise, we’re forging ahead on the project. We originally thought that only one door skin would have to be replaced. That’s evolved (surprise…). It’s now both door skins, both rear quarter panels, the hood surround and the right front quarter.

I took the frame for a ride on the back of my pickup to Kwik Strip in Allentown PA this week for an acid dip. Should be done next week, at which point I’ll take it to get powder coated. My cluster is with Jason at VetteInstruments. Seat belts are at Ssnake Oyl and my garage is full of parts that I’m wire brushing, stripping, refinishing, etc. Getting ready for a bunch of rechroming and stainless polishing as well. Definitely an adventure.

Right rear deck from above:

Nov 11, 2001
SouthCentral Ontario

I continue to be impressed by your positive attitude. This car will provide you with many years of enjoyable driving and great fireside stories (no pun intended). ;)

Please keep us informed. :beer

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