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Assistance, please?


Sal Collaziano

Hey all. I'm not sure if this must go into the Generation Marketplace - but if it did, I'd probably not post it. It doesn't look like anybody's there.

Anyways. If anybody knows of anyone selling a 1988 Corvette (or newer) in the general area of $8,000.00 - please let me know. I'm not completely concerned with the way it looks as much as I am with the way it runs. Some work is expected...

Oh, I can't forget. I live on Long Island, New York. Anything within a few hundred miles would be fine. I'd even consider 500 - 1000 miles if anyone knows of any good deal.

Thank you
This does not sound like a difficult challenge. There are an aweful lot of cars out there in that price range.

Keep looking. Maybe somebody here can hook you up.

Have you tried www.autotrader.com ?

You can go in under used cars, type the model you want, the years you are after and the price range. You can even specify how many miles you are willing to look.

In fact, I ran a quick search for you and found five pages of them from $6,500 to $9,500 for 1988-1990. (always search a little above your price range, because chances are you can talk them down).

Check this one out.


This Car's Details

Price $7900

Mileage 122000


1988 CHEVROLET CORVETTE, WHITE with red interior, Z52 package, 17 wheels & perf. steering BX, reliable, automatic transmission, power everything, 4-whl. anti-lock brakes, removable roof, high performance exhaust, new perf. tires, this CAR is quick and fun to drive, 122000 miles, $7900, 253-709-0215, KENT, WA. (38)
I actually like this one better, and it is closer to you I think.


This Car's Details

Price $7750

Exterior Color Red


1990 CHEVROLET CORVETTE, red, glass targa top, fully loaded, new radiator/ tint/dual mufflers, one owner, blk lthr interior, looks and runs excellent, great original paint, $7750, 805-391-1222
Hmm. A bit too far for me.. But thanks!!

Thank you very much for looking! Unfortunately, the first one is in Washington and the other is in California. Too far for me to travel. :( But, they're nice cars and exactly what I'm looking for. I've been looking in the AutoTrader quite a bit but I really should be looking harder. I have to keep in mind that there are new cars in there every day..

Again, if anyone sees anything close to me and wants to let me know, please do! :)

Thanks again!
Sal theres a 1984 21000 miles red on red targa top one owner garage kept atlantic city press asking 12000 sounds like a creampuff, you never know maybe he will come down

Thanks Showtime.. I know beggers shouldn't be choosy, but I'm trying to stay away from the 84s. Not that I don't like 'em - but they're a bit different. Different suspension, digital dash, fuel injection. My hopes are high on something a little later.. Thank you very much for taking the time, though. :)
Sal, I see you live in Long Island, that is where I found my car in 1999, There were a bunch of them to pick from. Try cars.com or the classified sections of the major search browsers, Yahoo, Lycos, Webcrawler ect. When I was looking there were a bunch on there, most of the classified adds were from private owners. I got mine from Islip, from a private owner.
Good luck. Oh yea, it will probably take you a few months to find the one you want, take your time.
Take your time and find the one you want. I looked for 8 months (that is serious looking, I thogut about it before that) and got the one I wanted. As you look at them yoiu will start to learn what you really want--good luck.
I found my 85 on ebay....practicaly stole it . It was in Va. Beach and I drove it back to Toledo. Turned out to be a diamond in the ruff...guy did not know what he had. Soooo I bought it sight unseen and never looked back. Been a great car so far. Good Luck Sal....
Thanks for the advice, everyone. Good advice. :) I'm looking and trying to be patient. I went from an 95 Eldorado Touring Coupe to my new 1989 brown Dodge Shadow :p - so I am anxious... But, I will be patient.. I'm lookin'.. Thanks again!

Oh, were you the one that was trying to trade the Caddi for a Vette about six months ago? I think I remember that.

So, did you end up selling it outright, or trading it in to a dealer? Those Caddi's are sweet cars.
I actually sold that car for $8000.00 - I only bought it a year ago for $20,000.00 - Unreal! Anyways, I had to get rid of it if I wanted to find a Corvette. I have no room for two cars. Furthermore, every time I saw a nice Vette, I didn't have cash on me to buy it. Now I do. But, I'm paying for it. I'm driving around in a 1989 brown Dodge Shadow! :p
Ouch! Well, I paid around $13K for a 1986 pace car, and a year later sold it for $10K with $4,000 additional set of AZEV 17" wheels and tires!:bash
Chris guess you excel in modifying not finance:eyerole

I keep getting that business finance technique backwards. You should always buy high, and sell low,,,,,,right?

No, buy high, spend more money, sell lower........no that is not right.

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