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At Tha Car Wash Yah....



As I sing the song... I have a couple of questions popping up in my mind.

I was browsing through the listing of all the suggestions and questions on what kind of wax, wash, etc to use. So I asked my uncle... here is what he suggested and... see what you guys think.

Dial citrus type wash.. to wash it.
Something called Super Wax, for the 1 yr coat (or he says it will last that long)
Mequires for the when needed spray on wax for that everyday shine
and he uses that super Wax for rims and everything..

I have heard about Mothers aluminium Polish and wanted to buy this stuff. looks good

any suggestions.. :)
Is the Super Wax the Wax Shop product?

I know that they make a special wax for black that i have used. Good stuff.
I also use Mothers aliminum polish and like it.
59Tom yes this is the product you speak of :)

Is this good stuff, better .. just as good as Mequires..
Wax Shop

I got it for use on black and was very satisfied with it. I don't have much experience with Maguire's products. They have a few things I do want to try thiough.

Well.. I am going to Auto Parts store... and pick up some stuff tommorow.. I would not mind buying a power buffer either :)

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