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Auto to 6-spd swap ?



My ride is an '89 roadster and I love it but I'd really rather have a 6-spd.
Has anyone done this swap ?
I'd like some feedback on this - or is this one of those ideas I should immediately forget about !
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It can be done I'm sure, but it's gonna give you headaches I'll bet. I don't know the specifics involved in such a swap, but it wouldn't be very cost-effective, that's for sure. Unless, that is, you had access to an inexpensive source for your parts. ;)

My HO. :eek:

_ken :w
Well I can cover basic's...(Im a Basic guy :D)

Here we go

(I think Bell Housing)
Clutch Fork/Hyd set up
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Clutch Master Cylinder
Connecting piece to both cynliners
Pbly a Console Change out
(With the tranny lets hope for the stem and knob Etc..)
Pbly a new Drive shaft

And alot of Heart and Hard work good luck man if I missed something anyone stuff it in here

Lol the Pedal keep forgetting the bloody Pedal

:hb :hb :hb :hb
I would not consider such a swap unless like Ken said, you already have a great source for the parts at a great price.

There is more to it than just the trans. The dual mass flywheel alone runs around $800 from G.M., then the clutch assembly $350, Slave cylinder $150, Master Cylinder $150, pedal assembly used $200 or so, Neutral saftey switch $50, Center console $150 used, Trans, $500-$1,000 used, computer chip swap $150, rewiring back up lights, speed sensor etc. $100, ......................................

You would be better off selling the car to a person that really wants an auto trans, and going on a search for a good six speed car.

I must say from personal experience, that driving the vette with the six speed is a real blast.
It can be done..

I did it..

Cost was around $4500 for trans, Dana 44 (not needed) and a clutch.. along with all the pieces BigRed listed. The console plate for a 6spd is no longer made by GM and I heard is hard to find.. I had one in my 89 until recently.. I sold it since I am installing the 91 dash in my car..
Thanks for all the feedback !
It's just what I needed.
I guess I'll be checking prices on a trade versus about $ 4,000 to $ 6,000 to do the swap.
Regards to you all.
Tony Long
Chris , do you know where there is a 6 speed to replace my 4+3 ? Is that feasable ? What do you think it would take?
maxrevs85 said:
Chris , do you know where there is a 6 speed to replace my 4+3 ? Is that feasable ? What do you think it would take?


I beleive that Supernatural400 here has a complete ZF six for sale cheap. Check him out under the market place.
Ok thanks chris ......and yes Ken is doing it right. I would loooovvvveee to have the richmond 6 speed ...buuuttt, its not in my reach at this time. I have decided to rebuild my engine and I'm going the 383 route, with the stock tpi . Going to port everything and go to 2.02 valves . My engine guy says not to worry.:)

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