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Average Engine Temps


C5 Nik

Hi. Quick question, I would especially like input from southern (HOT States) C5 owners.

What is the average engine temp that your car runs during the heat of the summer?

My 2000 was sitting just over 220 the other day in bad traffic, but it was only 50 degrees out. If that is normal fine, but I can not imagine what it will do in the heat of the summer.

Thanks for your input.


I had my GS out a few days ago. She was just sitting idling, warming up to temp. When I got in and checked the instruments she was at 220, and it was in the high 40's. Durring the summer it's not unusual to see temps in the mid 220's in traffic. Crusing around I'm usually around 200-210. If I'm in traffic too long or the temp starts to rise to high, I usually roll the widows down and put the heat up to max and the fan up to max. It pulls the heat right off the engine and cools her down to around 200 in about 5 minutes.

Hi there,
You are just fine. Your low speed fans will kick on at about 225. Your high speed fans at 238.
You can run at 225 all day, without any negative effects on your engine. This driveline was designed with this in mind.
You will find that when you are moving, you will sit about 200, or a little less. IN the heat of southern Fla, you will be about that same temp. If needed, the higher speeds of the fans will prevail, just in case.
You are fine, and enjoy the ride. Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

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