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Axle Bearing



Hey guys!
What is involved in replacing a 1962 rear axle bearing?

I have done this on Rustangs (press fit bearing and bolt on flange)
Is it similar? The 62 axle looks like it has a bolt on axle retainer. Is there a c-clip inside the pumpkin like on newer chevy's?

Thanks for a little insight. My repair manual has yet to come and I am getting alittle anxious!:confused

Solid 62


The axles are held in with the retainer. Remove the bolts and pull the axle out. You will probably need a slide hammer type axle puller that you should be able to rent or borrow. No c clips. The bearing presses on the axle.

If your housing has baffles inside close to the diff your car came with positraction. These baffles were meant to hold the gear oil in the diff under hard cornering.
Good luckwith your repair.


Excellent! Thanks Tom for the help again!

I am joining NCRS and trying to find the Lake Erie Chapter.

Just a note you might find entertaining:

We bought the 62 in Holt, MI last week. Drove a rental to Lansing, dropped off the rental at the wee airport and drove the 62 to wife's dad's house in Rochester.

The Dealer at Holt Auto sales was shocked we would just drive off and not trailer it home!:eek :eek

I said, well it's a vette! It'll make it home if it has to crawl...

By the time we got to Rochester it was running on 6 cylinders. Turns out the new plug wires the mechanics put on were routed wrong (by length) and one burned through on the Exhaust manifold. The number 3 cyclinder had not been firing the whole time (the sparkplug had evidently been dropped during installation) due to NO gap!

BTW, a young guy in a warmed over late model 5.0 'stang went toe to toe for a 1/4 mile with me (a dead heat) the day before I found out I was running on 6 cylinders. He was very impressed my old plastic car was so quick!:D :D

Anyway, fixed the issues and had a beautifult ride home to Cleveland!

In the wind...
Rick and Donna:beer

You should have told that salesman that if the car couldn't make it home under it's own power you wanted to re-negotiate the price. :L :L I'm glad it was an easy fix. I have seen Holt's ads but have never been there even though I go through the area all the time while working. Like Paragon. I go by there a couple nights a week late, when they are closed. Looks to have some nice cars though.

Driving is what it is all about . Glad you had a nice trip home.

Drive em, don't tow em.

p.s. If you want to see a real non-driver click on the little house with the www below and look at my '59. Someday.:s

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