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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay I fixed my transmission by completly replacing the electrical from the stick to the tranny now its Clutch time Ive done some reading on this and I think I might fo with

> A new clutch Fork (car shimmys off the line and shakes violently)
>New Throat bearing to helpl fix problem above
>New Pressure Plate (Car when pinned comes out of gear and gos back in sounds like Im clutching but im not)

>New Cover Plate (to match the pressure plate

If Im jumping to conclusions please lemme know this clutch aint cheap!!:eyerole

Also Im gonna stick with all Centerforce Dual Friction stuff unless someone else has a better Idea

Chad B
Edmonton Alberta
BigRed said:
Also I'm gonna stick with all Centerforce Dual Friction stuff unless someone else has a better idea.

BigRed, you might want to reconsider the "dual friction" set-up if it's gonna be a regularly street driven car. I've heard they wear much faster than a single plate unit. :(
pilot bushing/bearing too

And don't overlook replacing the pilot bushing / bearing located in center of flywheel/crankshaft end ... probably under $10 at your local auto parts house ... might come in a clutch kit ... maybe.

Be prepared to have your local auto machine shop resurface the face of the flywheel ... inspect for overheating (bluish spots) and micro-cracks ... both found in swept area of flywheel face. A crapped-out flywheel face can be source of grabbing & slipping.
Hey Thanks guys I did some looking around and regardless of the wear the clutchs Ive found dont even compare to this dual friction thing but with the dual spring and riding city alot it pbly wont last to long unfortunatly

But the bushing and the flywheel my mechanic said he'd do the work for me (was a little impressed when I was the one telling him what to do LOL!!) thanks alot~=)

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