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bad crank, maybe goin' stroker


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Dec 27, 2000
Florence, SC (Timmonsville SC)
71 War Bonnet Yellow VERT 71 BH Blue CPE (SOLD)
Drat!!! Upon assembly, freshly turned 3.48 crank didn't feel right as I rolled it in the bearings ... I had previously dry-fitted it for plastigage clearance (that was on the money) but did not roll it through at that time. Turns out the idiot machinist damaged-raised the area around #1 main journal's oil hole. I could probably have it polished/ground-out/repaired ... but I think I'll have more in this 10/10 under iron crank than is practical. So ... I think I may go with a new 3.75 or 3.8 cast crank, pink rods (or equivalent) and .110 dished hypereutectic (sp?) pistons (about 9:1 CR w/ my heads & 3.8) ... been kinda hankerin' to do this anyway. I've got what should be an appropriate cam (222/.460) for this street-only driver (not nitrous) '71. BTW, have acquired a different machinist. So ... any thoughts on these choices?
Sounds good but I would go with SCAT rods. They are cheaper, lighter and stronger than the GM product. Don't forget the ARP bolts and don't install a big block oil pump.
Might want to have the crank nitrided as well, nice hard finish.

I had that happen on a Fiero that I was stroking the 2.8 over 3.1 liters. Thank God I checked it all out before putting it in. It would have ended up in the tank.

Nothing like a big cube small block.
all thoughts welcomed, add to 'em

SCAT rods. They are cheaper, lighter and stronger than the GM product. Don't forget the ARP bolts and don't install a big block oil pump
Redmist: Just got a deal (less than $75) on set of recon'd, weight-matched pink rods with bushings & ARP bolts (will mag before assembly). Agreed, Scat does make a superior rod! If I do go stroker, I'll probably go Scat 9K crank. I do have a new hi volume & hi pressure SB pump (Dynagear pn DM55-HV) I'm gonna change spring to hi vol only. Hadn't considered BB pump ... curious though ... why not?

Keith: 4.030 & 3.8 = 388

Nothing like a big cube small block
Chris: I kinda sorta agree ... 'cept there's somethin' better ... a BB like yours! Once I get the car sorted, maybe I begin to gather BB stuff ... furthering my expertise in procastination:L.
Can't argue with $75.
The big block pump put tends to wear the distributor gear faster creating some spark scatter. It also steals some hp. High volume regular pressure is the way to go.
Crank & rods on the way

A new Scat 3.8" cast crank (under $174 w/ship) and a nice set of pink rods are on the way;)!! Now for pistons ... I just hope I don't run into the sourcing difficulty Chris is experiencing:eek ;)

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