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Barrett-Jackson agrees!



Not sure how many of you watched Speedvision's coverage of the Barrett-Jackson car auction from Scotsdale, but it was good television.

The point of bringing it up is that the commentators and bidders alike put a lot of good comments around several very nice C3s that went across the auction block - the comments centered around this design really coming into its own - what we have know all along!

Good stuff.

JDS, I always look farward to watching the auction, however, this year, in prepareing for the up comeing NASCAR season, I cancelled my suscription, with our satalite company, to speedvision to get the Fox network. Yea, I could have kept both. But that's not what my boss/wife agreed to. I really wish I had heard them talk about the C3's. .......Steve

Steve, I can't imagine life without speedvision. Have you tried to watch Barrett-Jackson or the Kruse auctions on line? I know that they have pretty big sights. P.S. Just checked http://www.barrett-jackson.com and found that you can bid on line during Speedvision broadcasts and they run an on-line auction. Also they have a post sale lot with cars you can make offers on and how high they were bid to. Several Corvettes there. I'll have to check out Kruse too. They are owned by EBAY now so I'm not sure how they are set up. Tom

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could not live without Speedvision

I hear you! I love Speedvision - I used to travel with a racing team and we had a satellite dish on our hospitality transporter so I got to watch it from the tracks - did not have it at home until a few months ago - love it!

I've never watched the Barrett-Jackson online - my home connection is pretty poor - have DSL at office - it is really nice to see the C3 getting some respect!

Alan De Cadenet - former sports car racer and now Speedvision commentator said that he never cared for them because they were too aggressive and intimidating looking - EXACTLY - they are elegantly fierce with the credentials to back it up!


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