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Battery Maintenance

Aug 29, 2001
Norcross, Georgia, United Stat
2017 Arctic White Grand Sport
I'm looking to buy a battery charger to use on my 77. I've noticed that there are two types, manual and automatic, with both types providing trickle, high and starting settings. I would like to buy the automatic unit and keep it applying a trickle charge to the battery still attached to the car, assuming that it will cycle on and off as the battery needs juice.

Will this create any problems?


It won't "create" any problems. I think however the most appropriate way to charge is with the battery out of the car. This is because a battery can go bad and if it leaks or explodes it will do some nasty damage to the car.

Quick example, I was charging a battery on slow trickle of very recent for the 36 Ford street rod. For some reason I walked past the charger and battery (out of the car) and I heard something. Shut the charger down and it sounded like snap crackle pop, and the battery was red hot. Come to find out, that is why the alternator kept going out as the battery was shorted somehow. It was on the verge of total distruction. If that had been left un attended very bad things would have happened.

I would not suggest leaving the automatic cycle on in the car. Best bet is to disconnect the battery during times the car won't be in use and make sure it gets enough use to keep the battery alive.
I totally agree with Chris. There are specialized products out there that are designed expressly for feeding a "maintenance" charge to the battery. Most chargers, even my high end model ,supply too much energy for a "winter storage" kind of maintenace.
As Chris infers the best bet is to remove the battery to your "outbuilding" shed or detached garage and feed it there.
I personally just disconnect it and let it run down. If I want to use it I charge it the night before. If I have a spontaneous desire to drive the car I just jump start it and go.
In relation to the battery in my '73. I was thinking about buying a battery box from Summit or Jegs and putting it in the battery compartment. Has anyone done this? I think I would feel better if it was. This would at least contain the acid in a melt down. Any thoughts on this?
No, I mean a battery box for inside the car. I dont much like it just sitting in that well behind the seat. I feel like it needs containment of some sort.
Hey there, Hijinx. Is the battery box that you are considering from Summit part#G1200A at $43? If so, you might want to run down to your local auto parts store and you'll probably find a box for cheap. It should be around $10-15 for a sturdy plastic one. You don't need all the install hardware in Summit's kit, since it's designed to move a box to the trunk on a normal car. Unless your cables are bad, you won't need those either. Just secure the box down and you're ready to fly. Saving money is :cool --Bullitt
Bullitt, yea that was what I was thinkin too. I was just using the Summit product because its something that, probably, everybody has seen. But, you are right I would not need all the hardware. I just want to contain the battery. Thanks

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