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Battery Problems Gone !!!


Black Ice

Ever since I had my fitst C5 in April 1997 I have had nothing but trouble keeping a charge in the battery if the car sat for 3 weeks or more. My 1998s, 1999, 2000 and EARLY 2001 were no better. Now I have a late production 2001 and have NO charge/battery problems at all. My car sat for 6 weeks and I put the trickle charger on it and in 2 hours I had a full charge light to my amazement. What ever was wrong/draining the C5s battery is now gone and fixed. To bad it took GM 5 years to decide to fix it.
Glad to hear your problems are gone. I find it interesting though because I have a '99 and it sat for five weeks and the battery was just fine. I wonder what the problem was with your other cars. Maybe the alarm was draining the battery because it did it to my brothers Z28 until he changed the alarm.

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