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Battery Terminal Corrosion



I have read in a few places that corrosion of the positive terminal of the battery is a common problem with the C5. I have a '99 with this problem, and it has destroyed the connections to my battery.

Does anyone know if this truly is a common problem? And if so, if it is covered by the warranty since it is an apparent design defect?
Jun 20, 2002
Tallahassee, FL
none right now :(
It is a common problem with C4's too... not covered if the car is out of warrantee... My dad got his covered because there was (and still is) a problem with the dash resetting on it's own, and the tech (a friend) said it could be the battery and cable, and got everything covered even though it was over 3 years


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Its a common problem with GM period.

GM likes to use those miniature bolt style battery poles which either strip or end up with a bit a acid on them which makes zero connection.

My advice do what Im doing convert the poles to the standard style clamp system. They have more connection coverage and are more reliable. The change over is a joke to perform.

Also if you ever run any stereo systems or other power dohickeys you can apply the new leads to a clamp style much easier than a GM mini pole. (Also you won't risk stripping either the battery or the pole)

LIKE I DID! GRRRRrrrrrr Brand new battery to!

John L

The cause is usually overitghtening of the positive terminal. This causes the case to crack and leak acid. A good alternative is to replace a leaking battery with the new ACDelco 75P-7YR AGM (Absorbant Glass Mat) Technology Battery. This battery has no acid to leak and cause corrision and has been factory installed in the Corvette beginning with the 2001 model year. It is a direct replacement for the OEM battery in earlier C5s and comes with a 7 year warranty and a 3 year free replacement guarantee. I got one to replace my leaking battery for less than a hundred dollars and I like it real well.

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