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Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
kmcewan wrote on 01-25-02 09:29 AM:

My horns work electrically, but some the peices are missing on the steering column. I have the button, the flat plate behind the button, the wire and wire tower, but there is nothing behind the contactor that the horn button pushes on. Can you tell me what I missing?

The telescoping control lever is also missing.

Carlo scaned a picture of the steering from his "Y" parts book, but there wasn't enough detail to see what is missing.


At the base of the wheel there is a little plastic bit ( about 1/8 id) black. This contacts the spring behind the wheel which connects to the circular copper bit so when you turn the wheel the horn could complete the circut
when pressed. Does the hole at the base of the wheel have a spring that you can see at the bottom of it? In addition if you shove a grounded wire down that hole.. does the horn beep?

Under the horn cap there should be a lug going to a wire with a small plastic fuse holder lookin thing & spring on the end. It's a twist/loc type of connector( mating to the 1/8 black plastic bit) which completes the connection to the horn cap.

Now the OUTSIDE rim of the wheel is ground & the horn cap is the other side of the circut. on the cap there are two metal ears & on the inside of the wheel there are 2 mating spring steel ares that the ears & the spring steel touch when you compress
the cap on properly. The switch ( on an 88) is internal to the horn cap.

The springs on both sides usually are rusted & need some tweaking

Did this help?


The contactor plate is missing the brass strip that contacts the metal on the inside of the steering wheel.

Bought a new one on ebay.


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