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Bellhousing's HELP



I ended up going to a larger diameter flywheel (153 tooth to a 168 tooth) and larger clutch.

Found out today that the bellhousing is to small, Please , please tell me that it's just a matter of getting a larger bell housing and bolting it up and go.

I can't take anymore delays!

Never thought I'd say this but I'm sort of glad it's been a rainy spring, it doesn't hurt as much to have the Vette laid up.

I'll be waiting to hear the good news from you.




My 72 originally had a 168 tooth flywheel and I switched to a very light 153 tooth flywheel. I think the bellhousings will probably interchange. I was able to use my original bellhousing because I also switched to a lightweight racing starter that does not have the big bulky shroud around the starter gear. The gear is offset in the bellhousing hole for the starter, but it works fine. You might be able to do the same thing.

Good luck.


Actually I've got the same race gear redution starter that you metioned. I'm pretty sure that you were alright because you went from the larger to a smaller flywheel.
I was told for the street I'd be better off going to the larger flywheel.

I just hope the bellhousings are inner changeable, otherwise I'm out about $600 for the flywheel and clutch, hell make that $1200. I'll have to replace it all.:mad

Wish me luck.



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Jul 3, 2001
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Rick, the bellhousing should fit no problem.

However, with the hsp you are stepping into, I HIGHLY suggest getting a Lakewood steel housing. They weigh a freakin ton, and are bulky as heck, but may allow you to keep your feet and ankles in the event you grenade the clutch.

I bolted one into my 69.

Also, if you really want to have some fun. Now is the time to cool of a second, step back, and punt that old mechanical noise, vibrating, clunky clutch linkage.

Call Quartermaster and order a hydraulic release bearing kit. Then, go to the auto parts store and buy a hydraulic master cylinder for a 1985 full size chevy truck. Go anywhere (junk yard etc. and get a resevoir. You can get a new resevior and cap from G.M. for about $20.

Finally, go to Napa and get a 90 degree style ball stud kit.

You will yank out all of that old linkage and pop the pivot pin off the clutch pedal.

Drill two mounting holes on either side of the original clutch rod hole on the firewall to bolt in the hydraulic clucth. Test fit, and gets some good washers, or make a sandwich plate for the back side. Eyeball measure the throw on the clutch pedal, and cut down the mc rod shaft, thread it to a fine 5/16" thread, screw the ball stud on, and mount it all up. Run the hydraulic lines. Set the hydraulic release bearing in the trans. Mount trans to engine. Install. Bleed the clutch, and booooom. You have one of the handfull of C3s in the whole world with a smooth, quite, easy operating hydraulic assembly! No adjustment needed.

You scatter shield/bellhousing will look like this


Hydraulic release bearing like this


If this attachment works, it is of the side by side comparison...the stock linkage, and the hydraulic cut down and ready to rock.


Thanks 69. I now have another winter project. I knew this could be done.



The Lakewood setup would've been an ordered item and I couldn't wait. I may change it out when I get around to redoing the exhaust.

Here's a shout out to The Corvette Barn here in Syracuse NY.
Bob, an ex endurance racer himself sold me the correct bellhousing for a mere $50.00.
He and an ex-employee Dennis took my car from a shop ( I won't mention the name) in boxes and pretty much built me a Vette.

I can understand someone taking one apart and putting it back together, but to be able to take a bunch of boxes and figure out whats what amazed me.

I'm hopeing that since the big blocks had more power than I'm putting out that I'll be okay with a stock setup for now.

I've got to ask you Chris, is the clutch set-up you've got pretty much the same as the Ford truck. I ask because to be honest I need to feel the motor through the pedal. Driving my misguided brothers Ford made me feel like I've never driven a stick before.

I'm driving the beast home tomorrow:J


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