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Best choice of car & tuning? Please help...


The Laplander

I´m a Swedish guy that will finally buy a C5..! :D
But the question is.... MN6 or A4?

I´ve been driving with stick all my life, because almost nobody here buys an automatic. It´s seen as an slow and gas-guzzin´ option for old guys...
It would be fun to try the A4, but then i will probably be whipped by a BMW M3....
Then i would be the joke of the town until i moved away ....

Do anyone of you know the average 1/4-Time with a STOCK C5 with A4, compared with a STOCK MN6 ?
Any difference in roll-on acceleration? For example 50-80 mph?
(In Europe we have the 3:15 differential for A4, not the 2:73.)

I also would be happy to get some tuning-tips, i´ve planned to buy a Freeflow filter, Yank 2800 converter and a new MAF.
And perhaps.........a Nitrous-kit. Just to get the C5 moving.
Unfortunably i have a limited budget, 1000 -1300 $.

Is it true that it´s possible to buy a Nitrous 100 Hp dry "bolt-on"kit for the C5, and just install and drive...!? Without any further modifications? Does it work?
Seems risky to me?.............Anyone tried it?

Thanks from the COLD and SNOWY Sweden..!
hi there,
quarter for auto, with performance axle, 13.5
standard axle, 13.7
Stick quarter times 13.3
As for what to do, be cautious, as torque converters are tough on a transmission.
I would say manual over auto, if only for a better performing car.
besides, shifting is excellent, and you have more options for rollon gearing.
Let us know how you make out, as a stick is better in most aspects.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
Historically, the standard makes the Vette more valuable.

However, its all a matter of personal choice. I have a 6 and am glad I do. It does provide more control over the car than an automatic.
I chose the A4 because of stop and go traffic. I don't like shifting all of the time. If you do not live in a place with a lot of traffic go for the stick. Also if you want better performance.

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