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best deal on aluminum radiator?



Well I give up. I have been fighting this heat problem for years and am tired of having to turn off the ac in town. I've decided to take the plunge and buy a aftermarket radiator for max cooling. Looking for anyone with firsthand knowledge of the best product for the buck. They are all high dollar but maybe somebody knows of a good deal on a high efficiency aluminum radiator for my 77 model with the massaged engine.
I think the best answer to the heating problem is buying a radiator that actually works. It is probably the only solution to the problem. I have read about the fan blades, cooling products for the water, etc. which might help but does not fix the problem.
I also read where people spend thousands on their vette on restorations and engines, but won't spring for a few hundred bucks on a radiator. They just keep sticking the old one back in and hoping it works, even when it hasn't for the last 25 years.
I have a Griffin Radiator which works great. I never even come close to running hot. It never moves off 180 degrees even in 92 degree weather with the a/c on. Try it you will like it !!!

Griffin has several radiators for the same application. Which one did you use. Did you keep the stock fan? I run a flex fan that moves a lot of air with a four core radiator but still runs hot at slow speed with the ac on. I don't like to see the gauge knocking on 200-210 degrees when in town. I've heard great things about the griff alum radiators but would like some input from someone who has actually installed the rad and what combo they used and what the results were. Like before and after.
I dont know the model number and don't see it on the radiator. One of the mounting brackets covers most of the sticker so it may be under the bracket. It measures approx. 31"wide x 18"tall x 21/2" thick. Its all aluminum construction. The fan is a flexlite plastic fan and works great.
I would check with Griffin on your year vette and see what they suggest. I have seen Griffin rads in the Jegs catalog and Summit catalog for about 250 bucks. Another choice is a BE Cool radiator but they seem to be twice the price from what I have seen. I can't imagine why they are so much.
aluminum radiators

Please inform me about any special care an aluminum radiator requires. I seem to recall hearing they are prone to failure after a period of time, if certain care guidelines are not followed. Is this true?...and what do you do to insure a long radiator life?
All I do is change the coolant. There might be a additive for Alum rads but I am unaware of it. I will however look into it. I think alum is used in most new car radiators so it can't be too bad a problem.

Every modern vehicle that I have worked on has an aluminum radiator, including all of our family cars (2001 Dodge Ram 4x4, 2001 Ford Taurus, 1998 Saturn). According to the owners manuals, the care of the cooling system is identical to that of the owners manual for my '75 'vette. The advantage of the aluminum radiators seem to be two fold, one being that aluminum transfers heat by a large factor better than brass. If you wish, I can look up the numbers on heat transfer. Secondly, I have read that the tubes that make up the core can be wider in an aluminum radiator. I cannot verify this, as a matter of fact, it is hard for me as a mechanical engineer to accept this as truth . . . it very well may be hype, or more likely, more expensive to make brass/copper tubes wider.

Anyway, aluminum radiators are more efficient and the maintenance should be the same.
air dam

Check page 2 of CACC thread "radiator cfm"... linked below.
There, 69myway (Chris) speaks of adding an inner air dam from a junkyard firebird to the lower radiator support of a vette ... and how it works so well. Cheap & easy; I may try it on my 71. If you haven't already done so, maybe you might try this before $$, R&R radiator. Let us know what you do & how it turns out?
air dam

Don.t believe that mod would help me. I already have the stock dam and that would be of more benefit at highway speed. My problem is at city speed with ac on a hot day. Have tried various fixes with no real success and it seems the only true fix is bigger and better rad.
griffith radiator

Also try Dewitts for GREAT prices on Griffith Aluminum Radiators made JUST for Corvettes!

I love mine, also add some water wetter , it definitely helps in the cooling
(get it at most car parts stores, Pep boys, Auto-zone, etc)

only problem I had was the top neck was not the right size, easy fix, got a bigger hose...no problems since.

good luck
Larry (gus) :cool

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