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Between the TB and Induction Sys



I now have the Cold Air Induction that I want. (The SLP system). Check out my web page to see that. I'm now thinking about the other mods that I hear so much about but not too much detail about. Things like air chargers, MAF screens and fins, air temp sensor relocation, etc. I have not seen the "guts" of my TB or MAF yet, and would like as much detail about these mods as possible. Before I start ripping things apart I'd like to have an idea of what to do and how to do it and what to expect. Or maybe some references to places that have the details. What I'm looking for:

1. air charger I've seen these listed for LT1s alot, but does my LT4 TB need one?

2. MAF remove screen and trim the fins. Got any details?

3. air temp sensor relocate. Where, how, and do i need any wire extensions?

ALSO, the "acordian" style duct work, are there any "smooth" replacement ducts available? From where?

Thanks all, Mike
1. Don't know. I replaced mine with a BBK/Edelbrock 52mm unit.

2. Remove MAF from duct. Dis-assemble. Carefully push out the screen. DO NOT touch the wire elements in the center section. Very delicate and easy to damage. Re-assemble. The only hard part was re-using the hose clamps.

3. MAD has a kit for around $25. contains everything you need including a plug for the original hole.

Happy tinkering. :bang

PS: how do you like your hood louvers? I'm thinking of doing it myself.
Your throttle body is the same as the LT-1. The air chrger will bolt bolt right in your throttle body.
The screens are a pretty easy removal. Like vetsvette said, just don't harm the little filaments in the middle.
As far as the sensor relocation, I also went with Mid-America's kit on my ZR-1. Some people relocate their sensor to the airbox (which you don't have anymore) but I mounted mine towards the front of the car , kinda behind the foglights. I've seen a couple of other ZROners doing the same relocation. I haven't had any problems. The only thing is I don't recommend mounting your sensor there if you drive the car daily. It's much more exposed than relocating it to the airbox. Good luck


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